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Partners in Education

January 2017

When we consider the complexities involved in raising the bar for educational attainment in our community, it is all too common for any one person or one organization or even one school department to fall victim to feelings of despair. Not enough funding, not enough parent engagement, too many students with complex social/emotional needs - these are the phrases we often hear in those negative conversations that end with no hope for solutions or improvements...

It is imperative that an organization, any organization that desires to push the needle of continuous improvement, clearly define a limited number of targeted strategic goals that will drive the system forward to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes.

In Fall River, we are extremely privileged that we have a School Committee and a mayor that understands the importance of focusing on doing a few things very well....

Our Mission:

EdUp strives to grow individual and community aspirations through a sustained and multidimensional outreach to students, parents, and other stakeholders throughout Greater Fall River, and by demonstrating the power of education to change the future of the region and each of our roles in it.